Life of Faith vs. Life of the Mind

As a Christian, I understand the importance of having faith and using it in every facet of life. However, as a learning student, I realize that having an intellectual understanding of life’s issues is vital to a successful life. Not successful in terms of fame and fortune, but successful as a human being, with characteristics of love and thoughtfulness. I grew up in a church that was predominantly made up of older members. I think it is safe to say that they were stuck in their ways. We were so caught up in tradition and the structure of the service that we missed out on plenty of opportunities. We were located close to a neighborhood of mostly young adults. I feel that we never did anything to reach out to the neighborhood. We stayed within the four walls of the church instead of going out and evangelizing. And even though I loved my fellow church members, I don’t think that God planned for His people to be closed mined and uninvolved in our communities. Therefore, I believe that it is necessary to be an intellectual thinker as well as a faithful human being. 


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